Wheel of the Year

Celebrating the 8 festivals in Nature’s Calendar with ritual, symbology and connection to the land and season.

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Winter Solstice Ceremony ~ Returning Light ~

Winter Solstice, the longest/darkest night of the year. The dying sun, being reborn again to live another cycle. This is time for reflection, gratitude, looking ahead and finding peace in the present. To fully appreciate the returning light of the sun, we need to embrace the deep, still, quietude of the darkness. From this darkness we can find our reason for joy and belonging, to celebrate with our kith and kin.

The Cailleach reigns over the lands and our ancestors remain with us in these dark wintery days; the dark is not to be feared but embraced and is the realm of women.

How will you greet the shortest day/longest night? Will the sun return to sustain life on earth once more? Will the Wheel continue to turn? Will the fable of the Oak King and Holly King play out? Will the Cailleach retain her rightful place as Queen of Winter throughout the season? Will you take some time out just for you?

I invite you to gather hearthside with me in the symbolic winter cave of mama earth (the elemental season of earth and the direction of the north) to celebrate the turning of the Wheel, the returning light and honour the completion of the year. We share in song, meditation, making and giving of a small seasonal gift, sacred ceremony honouring you, in a time of quiet contemplation and reverence.
Our ancestors remain with us in the darkness, holding us in love as we do them.
This is a truly beautiful and wholly sacred event. This is your pause in the enchanted wonderment of the season to appreciate it all, in all its glittery glory.

The ceremony is open to the younger members of your circle to join us. The Wheel of the Year Ceremonies are open to girls aged 8-15 at a price of £10 and they must be accompanied by a full paying adult.

Ceremony Details :
Where : Fankerton Hut, Denny (just outside Falkirk)
When : Saturday 17th December 2022. 7.00-8.30pm/9.00pm
Price : £21.00 (payable via PayPal or bank transfer – contact me or email me – lissacorra@gmail.com – for the particulars. Payment confirms booking space)

Cancellation Policy

Should you require to cancel your place, please note that the ceremony is non-refunadable.

“Thank you, Lissa. What a brilliant way to celebrate the Summer Solstice; so much depth and knowledge in your night but so much fun and lightheartedness and lovely to share with such beautiful people. xx”

LB (Summer Solstice Ceremony)
  • Imbolg : Late January – Early February ~ Ceremony of renewal and honouring Bride (Brigid)
  • Spring Equinox : March ~ Ceremony of balance and re-emergence
  • Bealtainn : Late April – Early May ~ Ceremony of fertility
  • Summer Solstice : June ~ Ceremony of bloom & blossom
  • Lunastal : Late July – Early August ~ Ceremony of the harvest
  • Autumn Equinox : September ~ Ceremony of balance & gratitude
  • Samhuinn : Late October – Early November ~ Ceremony of remembrance and honouring both the Cailleach and our ancestors
  • Winter Solstice : December ~ Ceremony of completion and returning light.

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