Wheel of the Year

Celebrating the 8 festivals in Nature’s Calendar with ritual, symbology and connection to the land and season.

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Spring Equinox Ceremony ~ Re-emergence ~

Nature is reawakening all around; refreshed and revitalised. We leave behind the safety of winter’s womb ready to re-emerge with fertile shoots of promise for abundance and prosperity. The dawn of a new future. The spring’s sunbeams embrace us, our dreams and new beginnings. The sun is gaining in strength and length; joy and excitement ignite the air around us. This is the time to allow the buds of possibility to unfurl to bloom. The earth is fertile and the energy is rising, are you ready to step out into your own spring and reclaim who you are, what’s yours, and to see what flourishes?

This is the period of fertility; animals, nature, ideas and projects. Imagery of rabbits, hares, chickens and eggs symbolise the season’s fertility. The rabbits and hares reputed for breeding. Eggs, and chicks who lay eggs, represent the hatching of new life; birth. (Have you ever wondered what bunnies and chicks had to do with Christ’s resurrection at Easter?). The equinox celebrates the Maiden aspect of the Goddess, of youth, enthusiasm, optimism and adventure. The legend of Ostara, or Eostre in particular, is where she carried a basket of brightly coloured eggs and was accompanied by her pet hare. As they travelled they brought forth new life and regeneration to the land scattering her coloured eggs amongst the flowers in the meadows.

The previous festival of Imbolg was embracing the last of winter, and planning what was to come in the year ahead. This festival now calls upon us to put these plans into action. We got rid of the old and expired habits, practices and burdens in the previous cycle and are now ready to give new life to who and what we are to be, to what we have created, to what we are to birth. The energy is one of excitement, optimism and anticipation. As the year waxes, so too does our enthusiasm.

How have you grown and evolved in the past revolution of the Sun? What loss have you grieved in preparation to be reborn or to re-emerge as your best and truest self? What are you birthing into the world this spring?

I invite you to gather hearthside with me to celebrate the turning of the Wheel, re-emerging into the new spring refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalised and ready to embrace your dreams for the year ahead.

The ceremony is open to the younger members of your circle to join us. The Wheel of the Year Ceremonies are open to girls aged 8-15 at a price of £10 and they must be accompanied by a full paying adult.

Ceremony Details :
Where : Fankerton Hut, Denny (just outside Falkirk)
When : Saturday 18th March 2023 ~ 2-3.30pm
Price : £21.00 (payable via PayPal or bank transfer – contact me or email me – lissacorra@gmail.com – for the particulars. Payment confirms booking space)

Cancellation Policy

Should you require to cancel your place, please note that the ceremony is non-refunadable.

“Thank you, Lissa. What a brilliant way to celebrate the Summer Solstice; so much depth and knowledge in your night but so much fun and lightheartedness and lovely to share with such beautiful people. xx”

LB (Summer Solstice Ceremony)
  • Imbolg : Late January – Early February ~ Ceremony of renewal and honouring Bride (Brigid)
  • Spring Equinox : March ~ Ceremony of balance and re-emergence
  • Bealtainn : Late April – Early May ~ Ceremony of fertility
  • Summer Solstice : June ~ Ceremony of bloom & blossom
  • Lunastal : Late July – Early August ~ Ceremony of the harvest
  • Autumn Equinox : September ~ Ceremony of balance & gratitude
  • Samhuinn : Late October – Early November ~ Ceremony of remembrance and honouring both the Cailleach and our ancestors
  • Winter Solstice : December ~ Ceremony of completion and returning light.

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