::: Women’s Circle :::

Bring the circle to your home or garden and gather your women. Host a private circle with your friends and / or family. The circle lasts 2 hours and contains movement, meditation, music and open discussion around a theme of your choosing, as well as a small ritual. Ideal for groups of 5-8 women.

::: Pre Wedding Circle :::

An alternative “hen night” to compliment the more tradition variation. Gather your closest women to share their blessings and intentions for you as well as their wisdoms of marriage, witnessing your journey into matrimony. This is a 2 hour celebratory circle to honour the bride-to-be.

::: Home Blessing :::

A home blessing is a beautiful way to refresh the energy of your existing home, or cleanse a new home before moving in. This can be a fun blessing to involve any children in who will be / are living in the home.

Bespoke ceremonies start from £125 incl £50 non-refundable deposit. Other celebrations may wish to honour may include a divorce or graduation or milestone birthday or any occasion that is important to you.

Contact me to discuss your Circle, Ceremony or Blessing.

Testimonial : Bespoke Circle on the theme of Sacred Endings/Death

“I recently hosted a Bespoke Circle in my home. Lissa’s facilitation of this went beyond expectations (and I’ve been to a few of her circles in the past!).”


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