Connecting to the phases of the lunar cycle in ritual and with reverence.

Ceremonies held at the Dark Moon and Full Moon phases in the lunar cycle.

​::: Dark Moon Ceremony ::: 

The dark moon time is lunar winter, the void between the waning and waxing phases when she is completely hidden in the inky depths of the sky. The cycle is complete but has not yet begun again. The moon of the Crone greets the death of the last cycle and awaits the rebirth of the next. This is the pause, the reset, a breath.

In ceremony we honour that which has gone before, including our ancestral connections, healing and releasing that which is necessary, and consider that which is to come, allowing the sparks of intention to form.

::: Full Moon Ceremony ::: 

The full moon time is lunar summer and all is in full bloom. It is the most potent and powerful phase . The moon of the Mother archetype is the perfect time to birth something new with confidence . This is the time to expect results from that which you have been working on as well to cleanse yourself or project with the clarity of her luminescent grace.

In ceremony we honour the moon, her gifts and wisdoms. Bringing forth into being our creations and releasing that which no longer serves us.

The details pertaining to the Moon ceremonies can be found below when availability for booking is open.

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