End Of Life

Death; as much a part of life as birth.

Lissa Corra

::: Funeral :::

A beautiful and sacred ceremony  to say farewell to your loved one in celebration of their life.

This is a non-denominational funeral ceremony to honour the deceased. The service includes ceremonies of forgiveness, gratitude, generosity and celebration.

Funeral Service £250 incl £50 non-refundable deposit.

::: Living Funeral :::

A funeral ceremony can also take place whilst one is alive, as a way of gaining awareness of death and may aid in the healing of any trauma or grievances. I have experienced my own funeral and can confirm it to be an enormously moving experience.

This is a beautiful ceremony to have if you (as the deceased-to-be) wish to say your own farewells to your loved ones, sharing any thoughts, messages or gifts with them before you cross over. Alternatively, it may be used as an opportunity for loved ones to share and express their love, wishes and final thoughts with you.

This ceremony may be held in your home, garden or venue of choice (with land/building owner’s permission).

Living Funeral Service £200 incl £50 non-refundable deposit.

::: Memorial Ceremony/Circle :::

Here we honour and celebrate the deceased and all that they brought to their time earth side. There is no timeframe for when a memorial ceremony may be conducted and therefore can follow the funeral service or on a particular and meaningful anniversary. The scattering of ashes, tree planting, memorial bench, head stone placement, if applicable, may be included in this ceremony.

Remembrance Ceremony £125 incl £50 non-refundable deposit.

I spent this afternoon sitting in a little circle of remembrance for my much loved friend who died last week. Lissa gave me the space and opportunity to say all of the things I’ve regretted not saying. I swear Lissa is full of magic, I feel so much more peaceful tonight.

Eilidh, Fife

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