Naming Ceremony

Photo from Naming Ceremony February 2022, taken by Claire Taylor (permission given by photographer and my client for me to publish)

A Naming ceremony creates a sense of belonging and connection to this physical world and to yourself. 

Our names are our identities. They hold such power and value. To say your name out loud is an affirmation of who you are. It is important too that your name is pronounced correctly. A name also unities families and fosters the feeling of home and kinship regardless of bloodline.

I honour and bless you and your name, or the child/baby and their name, by calling you and recognising you with your Earth (given/family) name and also acknowledging your sacred Spirit name if known. This can be an affirming ceremony proving to be a profound and empowering experience for adults, particularly if changing or reclaiming your name (perhaps post divorce or other life changing event). This is also a joyous and beautiful ceremony to welcome a new baby or child into the family and community. 

Naming Blessing £125 incl £50 non-refundable deposit

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