Rites Of Passage

Rites of Passage ceremonies ( Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, Crone) can be conducted on a 1-2-1 basis, honouring your transition privately, or can be held in a sacred circle with your invited guests to witness you crossing these profound and sacred thresholds and share in the celebration of you at this special time.

The rites are identified by the Women’s Mysteries, the blood mysteries, acknowledged as you reach each milestone on your journey through life, or maybe identified by the archetype appropriate for you at this time i.e. you don’t have to 30 to have the Mother ceremony, you could be 17 or 45 or whenever it is appropriate for you, similarly for any of the Rites of Passage transitions.

Our blood rites or rites of passage are not recognised in modern western culture generally out with the typical 18th/21st birthdays, hen parties and baby showers, yet there is so much more to recognise, revere and celebrate. The rites of the Old Ways are beginning to re-emerge and woman are reclaiming their rites to themselves, their power, their autonomy, and are gathering with their sisters and elders to reconnect to the community, to the village, to the multi generational wisdoms and teachings. Celebrating each other and rejoicing in our life’s journey . We each change, evolve and grow continuously, this is life and it is beautiful.

Each ceremony is created specifically to the needs of the woman being celebrated and so is as personal, individual and special as she is.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your

one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

::: Menarche (Maiden Archetype) :::

Menarche is our first and quite possibly most important of the Rites; this is when we honour our first blood and stepping into our cycling years and womanhood.

The Menarche is one of the oldest and most significant of the rites. The ceremony centres around the power of personal sovereignty, understanding how and why our bodies work the way they do and establishing the circle of women who will be there to guide, support and mentor this girl/young woman through her life. It is a gift of recognising her own needs in terms of physical and emotional health & well being, her capabilities, and establishing who she is and who she will become.

This ceremony is appropriate for young girls of 8 starting her period as it is for a young woman of 14, or even a woman of 73 who wishes to retrospectively celebrate and honour her rite of passage into womanhood. This is also a different and unique way to celebrate an 18th birthday, standing at the threshold of the rest of her life.

Birth (Mother Archetype)

Mother’s Blessing Celebration : awaiting the arrival of your child. We gather to share in your honour, as you are about to embark on your transition into Motherhood.

30th Birthday Celebration : crossing the threshold from Maiden to Mother archetype; the caring, nurturing, creative years, whether that is regarding family or career or personal growth and expansion.

Perimenopause (Wild Woman)

Menopause/Moonpause Celebration upon entering into the peri-menopause years and the wonders that these hold and/or rejoicing at the completion of the menopause.

40th Birthday Celebration : crossing the threshold from Mother to Wild Woman archetype. The step into midlife and the shedding of the skins to reclaim and revere and embody your inner wild self.

Post Menopause (Crone/Elder)

Menopause celebration – 365 days since your last period. Menopause has arrived and this is your celebration of Elder woman you are.

65th Birthday Celebration : crossing the threshold from Wild Woman to Wise Woman, the Elder archetype. you are the sum total of all you has experienced and are shaped by those experiences. You are a lived, aged, seasoned woman of worth.

All Rites of Passage ceremonies are priced from £100, including a non-refundable deposit of £50.

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