Cycles Within Cycles 2023 Planner

Follow the lunar cycle for 2023 through each lunation (lunar moonth), weaving the Ogham months and celebrate the seasons and festivals of Nature’s Calendar (Wheel of the Year) alongside your inner cycle and energies as you plan and organise your life.

This planner is the result of years of trial and error in my own planning practice, via various styles and using different markers throughout the year to acknowledge the passage of time and to keep myself organised. As with every planning system, I always revert back to the most simple formula where practicality and efficiency reign, so hopefully you too will find this style easy to use and of course, practical too.

The cycles we will follow are:
the annual Lunar cycle, beginning with the first New Moon following the Winter Solstice (23rd December 2022 until the Dark Moon 10th January 2024),
the Celtic Tree Calendar,
the seasons,
the Wheel of the Year / Nature’s Calendar,
the moonthly lunar cycle,
your menstrual cycle if you have one,
as well as daily and weekly spreads and plans.

Cycles Within Cycles is available to buy now from Amazon for £12.99

Awaken Your Wild You

My first book, Awaken Your Wild You is being refreshed and the second edition will be out soon with the Foreword written by the wonderful Jayne Goodsir & Maria Morrigan from Fire Hearted Life.

Delve into the essence of you, exploring the tapestry of life, your life, and how to weave the threads into your own design, thus awakening your inner Wild Woman.

This practical guide for women is a fully immersive experience, taking you through the cycles of the seasons, the moon, your body, connecting with the divine within, with folklore, history/herstory, traditions, journal prompts, sharing personal stories, how-to suggestions and more.

The journey to awakening your own unique wild you is wholly and completely YOURS and travelled at your own pace. I’m offering an alternative route to the well trodden path of expectation and conformity. Remembering the old ways and how they can benefit you today to reclaim your true sovereign, sacred, cyclic, wild self.

Five Threads bind the book; Sovereign, Cycles, SHE, Circles and Sacred, woven through which are 21 chapters, 5 guided meditations, 97 journal prompts and 38 suggested actions to take.

Awaken Your Wild You is available now from Amazon for £12.99

Reviews on Amazon from publication :

Four 5 Star reviews

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