Hi, I’m Lissa, as in ‘Lisa’, not as in Minnelli, Tarbuck or “Is that short for Melissa?”.  My parents made the deliberate decision to add the second ‘s’; my Dad did not make a mistake at the registrars!

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, auntie and friend as well as a Ceremonial Priestess and a writer.

I am also something of a coffee snob and adore fresh brewed coffee, not instant. I love language and playing with words, period dramas are my favourite TV, (with a soft spot for Hercule Poirot). I read cookery book like novels and am passionate about politics and the environment. I have a love/hate relationship with social media and don’t have a smart phone. Slowly but surely I’m creating my entire wardrobe, dropped stitches and dodgy seams made with love (the dressmaking is very much a labour of love and an extremely slow process…!) I firmly believe that a scarf will complete any outfit. Pottering around in my garden brings me joy as does sitting out in the evening with a small fire burning. My proudest achievement has been the home education of my son for the past 6 years; with all its fun times and challenges and “why am I doing this?” moments.

Inspired by and connected to the land, the seasons and the Celtic traditions, I weave the threads of the Old Ways into the tapestry of the New Age. I encourage women to recognise, reclaim and rejoice in their rites of passage, connection to the earth and to the ancestors. You’ll find me gathering the women, sharing the wisdoms and celebrating our stories around the hearth fire. I do love a women’s circle, and wandering through the many woodland areas where I live.

Before stepping into my role as Priestess, I have had a collection of jobs in my career; supermarket worker, waitress, barmaid, call centre operative, cleaner as well as recruitment consultant, HR manager, retail manager, hospitality manager, staff trainer and civil service manager, but non ever suited long term for the same reason; I’m rubbish with paper work and targets but good with people; people are interesting and so are their stories, (paperwork and targets not so much). I have been holding space and leading circles and small ceremonies since 2017 and I am approaching the end of my Priestess of the Moon training with Isis School of Holistic Health in Glasgow, a 2 year course completing in October 2021. Leading circles and ceremonies is an absolute pleasure and a privilege.

In 2014 I started blogging and finally took the plunge to write my book during lockdown, and now have others starting to come together in my head and on my laptop. So watch this space to see what’s coming next.

Get in touch via email or the contact link above to chat about your upcoming ceremonies and how we can work together.

I’m so pleased to meet you

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