My Tarot journey began with a gorgeous deck of cards gifted to me for my 18th birthday by my friend’s mum. That deck has been cut and the cards shuffled and drawn well over these past 25 years revealing their secrets and guidance!

I began reading for other people in 2019 and using either the Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura, I intuitively read the cards drawn and tell the story presented to me.

I am offering reading containing a 5 card spread which is a general reading incorporating past, present and future cards. The reading is recorded as I draw your cards and shared with you via Google Drive . You will also receive an email containing a typed up account of your reading and a photograph of your spread, within 72 hours of booking. Payment is via Paypal.

5 card spread
  • General reading


See what others have said about their tarot reading from me:


Your cards are interpreted by me at the the time of the reading based upon the cards drawn. It is in no way guaranteed to be 100% fact or confirmation of actual outcomes. You have complete free will and are in charge of your own destiny, you are not tied to, expected to or dictated to that “this” or “that” is finite. The readings are for entertainment purposes and not to be regarded as gospel. I relay any information I receive at the time, what you do with that information is entirely up to you. I encourage every client to look at the cards drawn to see if you see a different meaning or glean more information than I have provided.

Enjoy your reading, I hope it makes sense to you.

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