Nothing is more important to knowing that I am on the right track, than receiving such beautiful testimonies and reviews from my clients. It is a humbling and thoroughly heart warming experience to get these comments for my work.


“Thank you Lissa. What a brilliant way to celebrate the summer solstice so much depth and knowledge in your night but so much fun and lightheartedness and lovely to share with such beautiful people xx” ~ LB (Summer Solstice Ceremony)

“A wonderful, soulful evening of reconnection to ourselves, to others, and to our natural world – I would wholeheartedly recommend” ~ AT (Bealltainn Ceremony)

“I absolutely love your ceremonies, Lissa . You are one amazing host . I love the goodie bag you give us. Hopefully I will be able to attend the other ones right up to December. Thank you for sharing this with us .It’s amazing to see the mothers and daughters too xxx ” ~ A.B.

“So beautiful Lissa. Your ceremony last night was just absolutely perfect, can’t find the words to express how wonderful its made me feel and most definitely ignited the fire in my belly I’ve been yearning for after a long deep winter’s journeying. I just feel so so blessed to have been able to be there last night to with you and all the other beautiful sisters who attended.
And your story telling … wow. It was just mesmerising and so powerful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world, and as always just creating and holding such beautiful space xxx” ~ L.B. (Imbolg Ceremony)

“Aww Lissa, thank you for such a special ceremony last night! Your storytelling was magical and the whole evening was a wonderful remembering and reawakening of my own inner Spring. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of each ceremony – and for the joy of witnessing my daughter’s awakening too. So my gratitude is to you, Sister, for your gentle grace and fierce power in guiding us through each turn of the Wheel.” ~ E.A. (Imbolg Ceremony)

“Thank you for a beautiful new experience.” ~ S.T. (Imbolg Ceremony)

“Thank you Lissa for a beautiful and transformative Imbolc ceremony. Such a special gathering to gently awaken the Maiden energy of Spring.” ~ S.M. (Imbolg Ceremony)

“It was amazing to meet you yesterday.  Thank you ever so for such an incredible evening of ceremony and honouring. It was all just completely moving, inspiring and uplifting.” ~ Z.G. (Imbolg Ceremony)

“Thank you Lissa for such a beautiful experience and welcoming me into your group of such beautiful women I met. I am looking forward to many more to come.” ~ A.B. (Winter Solstice)

“It was such a beautiful ceremony. Thank you for holding it.” ~ S.M. (Winter Solstice)

“What a beautiful ceremony you held… The work that you put into it, my goddess, the altar was stunning, the middle focus was stunning, your singing, wow!!” ~ L.W. (Winter Solstice)

“Thank you for leading such a beautiful ceremony, Lissa. J (my daughter) hasn’t stopped talking about it and has already asked if she can come to the next one! It felt truly special to be able to share it with her – I’m very grateful to you for making it possible.” E.A. (Winter Solstice)

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony last night 💙 So much thought, effort, love and knowledge put into every detail … and so healing to share sacred space with you all 💫 xxx” ~ L.B. (Autumn Equinox)


Bespoke (Sacred Endings/Death circle) :

“I recently hosted a Bespoke Circle in my home. Lissa’s facilitation of this went beyond expectations (and I’ve been to a few of her circles in the past!).” ~ L.G.

“I loved being part of this circle yesterday. I felt heard, supported, accepted and included. A lot of releasing and letting go.” ~ K.K.

“I had the honour of attending a beautiful women’s circle where the theme was death. There is something very special in the way Lissa holds space. She makes you feel very welcome, safe, supported and valued. The work she does truly is amazing.” J.D.

Bespoke (remembrance circle) :

“I spent this afternoon sitting in a little circle of remembrance for my much loved friend who died last week. Lissa gave me the space and opportunity to say all of the things I’ve regretted not saying. I swear Lissa is full of magic, I feel so much more peaceful tonight.” ~ Eilidh, Fife

Online Circle :

“Oh my Goddess that was amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! It was wonderful and will always be part of my ‘normal’ – new or old! We are strong women, but the strength when we gather together … wow!”

“What a wonderful circle. It was incredible to be welcomed so open heartedly by everyone”

“Thank you, it was utterly beautiful, magical and nourishing and all those things”

“Thank you for having me at circle last night, it was a wonderful, much needed experience!”

From my Women’s Circles in Bonnybridge :

” I went along to a circle recently and was just blown away. Lissa is magical in her ways of bringing together a collective circle, sharing and holding space, and bringing the old lost ways back to help us find our way back to self. Was so moved by the experience “

” I went to Lissa’s “Cleanse” circle last month and wow… what an experience 🔥 Lissa’s knowledge of ritual and attention to detail is second to none and the sacred, safe space she created for myself and the other women was really special. I’ll definitely be back – thank you 🖤 “

” I have been attending Circle with Lissa for 6 months now, and it has become a really important part of my self care and spiritual practice. Each Circle is well organised with a clear structure and enough time for everyone to be heard. The space is always one of welcome, honesty, trust and non-judgement. I always leave feeling heard, respected and loved.”

” Went to Lissa’s circle today and absolutely loved it! Never been to anything like this before, Lissa was very welcoming as well. The other ladies were so lovely, I felt it was nice for inner woman’s circle. Would definitely recommend to family and friends, well worth it “

” I went along to a woman’s circle tonight to explore feminine relationships, sisterhood, bonds and wounds. What an amazing experience to join with other women who build each other up 💗 thank you for having me “

” Another beautiful circle with Lissa, discussing sisterhood and friendship. I’m officially a women’s circle addict 💛 “

” I’m feeling a great benefit from attending the Circles – the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming and I really appreciate the opportunity and the space to be able to reflect on the focus at hand worth some guidance. It’s also good to hear the perspective that others add or can open one’s eyes to new possibilities. “

“Thanks so much for today. I feel real gratitude for the whole experience of finding you, the Circle, Sistership with others and the blessing I feel I experience every time we all gather.”

I went to my first women’s circle this morning, and came away so calm, energised and with plenty of things to ponder and write about until next time. Thank you Lissa”

“Thanks Lissa. I really did enjoy being part of the circle. It was totally new, slightly emotional, and a very enjoyable experience for me. I hope I’ll get to come to some more of your circles.”

“Thank you for everything that you give and share with the women’s circles which are beautiful, powerful and healing. I feel blessed to have found sisterhood/my tribe.”

“You are helping me to heal and creating a space for my awakening soul, raising the vibrations with your beautiful soul! xxx”

“Wonderful things happen and continue to happen when our wonderful energies are brought together. Thank you Lissa..you are helping to create magic in many lives.xx ”

“I’ve found the Circle experience to be warm, loving and a safe space to listen and share. You set up the morning beautifully with lovely thoughtful flowers on each of our cushions xx as you are a beautiful soul, holding a beautiful space, you attract beautiful women ….the topics chosen open up a platform for all to connect with xx thank you ”

“I have loved how welcoming everyone is at the circles, and even if you might think a topic doesn’t relate to you, I find myself nodding along and relating to everything that is said. The attention to detail with the circle and the cards, flowers and cauldron is extra special. ”

“A beautiful women’s circle with Lissa is the perfect way to start the weekend.”

“I loved the energy we created in our circle..so gentle and yet passionate “

“I can’t stop thinking about how much I loved the woman’s circle”

“What a beautiful circle today Lissa “

“Such a beautiful morning, really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for next time”


“Some time ago you gave me a reading and more than hit the nail on the head – or should I say heads. I was most definitely at the modern equivalent of a crossroads – a roundabout. By suggesting I dwell awhile on possibilities and consider in the intensions of others I did indeed not rush headlong into a potential point of no return. Although I have not resolved my dilemma I have found peace in patiently waiting till decisions and opportunities are clearer. Thank you for an uncanny and accurate thought provoking reading.” ~ CA

“Your tarot card info is really interesting and spot on in so many way coz I do resemble all of the the pointers you made. I really appreciate your wise words, Lissa, thank you.” ~ PD

“Holy Mother of F@ckery!” ~ LP

“Lissa’s reading, in both video and text format, was very well explained. She went into detail about each card, explaining both the overall meaning, and a potential meaning for me.
Afterwards, when I contacted her with my own ideas about the card’s meanings, she patiently and kindly discussed possible meanings again.
This is my second reading from Lissa, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. She is so knowledgeable and very accurate. She always gives the space and time needed to come up with your own interpretation of a reading, and guides as necessary. Her beautiful soul and desire to help shines through in everything she does.” ~ GT

“Thought provoking and so incredibly accurate – uncannily so. Lissa’s reading got to the root(s) of my dilemma in a meaningful way offering positive suggestions to look within and interpret further with my own background knowledge. I’m very grateful for her insight and professionalism and am still working on my next steps” ~ CA

“The [tarot] reading was outstandingly accurate and helpful. THANK YOU!!!!!” ~ JB

“Wow, this resonates so much. All of it. Thank you so much.” ~ AW

“It all resonates very closely … I’m astounded by some of your reading. Thank you, I’ll definitely go back and read, read, read” ~ HM

“…it’s like you’ve actually just dipped right into my soul / brain / absolute being and nailed every single thing I’ve been thinking / feeling / growing through” ~ LB

“This resonates a lot. I feel strongly represented in XXX card. Thanks so much” ~ HE

“Lissa’s tarot reading for me was also incredibly accurate and insightful.” ~ EA

“Wow! Thank you so much for this beautiful reading. It really aligned with me and provided so much reassurance for where I’m at. So much of this reading is true for what’s going on in my reality. Thank you again for such a lovely reading and for sharing your wisdom. I felt called to ask you to read for me and I’m glad I did because you channelled the message in such a gorgeous way ” ~ SM

“Thank you so much for the amazing reading, it makes so much sense – all of the stuff around [specifics] are beyond accurate!!!!! 😯 I loved the video Lissa, it is very exciting to see the cards being drawn and your spontaneous reaction to it! ” ~ MG

“All card are a great reminder of what I have known I have had to do for a while now . Thank you.” ~ FM

“Lovely cards! What a nice deck!  Pretty spot on.” ~ HE

“It was spot on … It’s a very beautiful deck and I feel the reading is completely aligned with where I find myself. You’ve given me lots to consider as I continue to move gently forward in fulfilling my life’s purpose while being as healthy and balanced as possible.  Thanks so much!” ~ T

“Thank you so much for this reading. I found it very interesting and insightful. The cards all reflected things I have been or am going through at the moment … I would certainly say it hits the nail on the head… It was spot on really. And although I can see I have stuff to work through, this reading gives me hope and positivity.” ~ AS

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I am blown away with the tarot card reading Lissa gave me. It resonates so much and I’m still processing all of the information. I loved the video version, it felt so personal. You are so intuitive & have a natural gift. I would highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.


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